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Second Lockdown will take heavy toll on Mental Health

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Mental Health

As we enter a second lockdown this winter, the prospect of a looming mental health emergency is almost impossible to ignore.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity Mind, says it could be "the greatest test of our mental health this year”, not just for the public but for healthcare staff who are "working tirelessly, but may be struggling with their mental health too”. Both Mind and Carers UK say the Government has to learn from mistakes in the first wave and make sure people can get help early on.

Mind has also urged the Government to support those who feel alone through a second lockdown in England, with Mr Farmer saying “There is an urgent need for a Winter Mental Health Support Package now from the Government. This must include access to face to face and online mental health services for those who need it. And this time round we need to pay particular attention to people with serious mental health problems at risk of imminent crisis, as well as the wider challenges of the pandemic on the general public’s mental health.

Charity chiefs have urged the Government to learn from mistakes in the first wave to make sure those struggling during the second lockdown can get help early on.

Read the Mind article here...

If you or any of your loved ones are struggling, here are some helpful resources:

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Friday 6th November 2020


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