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Featuring the latest campaigns and updates from Driver Require


Featuring the latest campaigns and updates from Driver Require
  • Nov 2021

    The Driver Require Think Tank has just released a new Bulletin which provides new insight into the UK’s HGV driver shortage following the release of the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (“ONS”).

    These statistics, specifically the results of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (“QLFS”) for the period July to September (“Q3”), are the best available measure for estimating the size of the HGV driver pool and its composition by age and nationality. We have studied this latest set of QLFS results and produced a thorough evaluation of the UK’s Driver Shortage, which delivers a positive and insightful set of conclusions.

    We believe that by producing this Bulletin we have provided a further reference point that will bolster arguments to act to address the UK’s HGV driver shortage.

  • Sep 2021

    Our previous Report predicted the impact and potential for a driver shortage and received substantial national and international coverage in the media. This second, updated Report provides a thorough, forensic analysis of the actual impact the crisis has had on the sector and is a detailed investigation of the actions that can be taken to address the shortage. This Report sets out to debunk some of the misconceptions and incorrect information being circulated. It provides a well-researched and vetted set of data that we can all use with confidence to develop effective remedies to the current HGV driver shortage.

  • Jun 2021
    The Answer to the UK's HGV Driver Shortage

    This Report is an extension to the Driver Require Think Tank's first published investigation into the critical HGV driver shortage; it focuses on the longer-term issues of the aging HGV driver workforce and the severe depletion of the younger HGV driver pool, which presents a serious and immediate threat to the UK Haulage Sector.

  • May 2021
    Investigating HGV Driver Demand & Supply

    Driver Require has been tracking the UK’s HGV driver shortage issue for a number of years. We have refined our thinking and conclusions through a series of reports on this subject and on the impact of COVID-19 on the UK haulage sector. We have brought together a panel of leading haulage sector experts to investigate and take action to mitigate against the impact of the UK’s HGV driver shortage. This report concludes that the UK haulage sector is currently facing a critical HGV driver shortage and sets out both short-term and longer-term actions to urgently resolve this crisis.

  • Updated Dec 2020
    IR35 & its Potential Impact on the Temporary LGV Driving Sector

    This White Paper and Action Plan defines IR35 and what impact it will have on the haulage sector. We have defined a set of actions that all haulage companies should follow to be properly prepared for when the IR35 reforms take effect in the Private Sector in April 2021.

  • 16 Sep 2020
    Driver Shortage Bulletin (Addendum to Covid Report)

    In the July release of our updated, consolidated Covid-19 Report, we made the bold statement that we expect there will no longer be an LGV driver shortage in the UK; at least not until we are fully out of the post-COVID-19 recession, which could be more than 3 years away. We now realise that the LGV driver shortage will remain unresolved and is likely to worsen, at least in the short term. This bulletin explains why.

    This report discusses the impending “perfect storm” of conditions that will likely bring the shortage of LGV drivers in the UK to crisis level unless rates of pay and working conditions are rapidly improved.

  • Sep 2020
    The Impact of COVID-19 - A Roadmap for Recovery in the UK Haulage Sector

    This report has been written to provide UK Haulage Operators and their bluecollar temporary staff providers with a clearer understanding of how COVID-19 has affected and will continue to affect this sector for many years to come. But it’s not just about COVID-19, it also brings together all the other challenges we may face and opportunities that await us in the coming decade. It is essentially a “Road Map” for you to use as a guide and as a checklist when formulating your response to the changing circumstances and when developing your company strategy and business plans.

    This is a consolidated version incorporating previous separate releases which were structured as follows:

    a) The Impact of COVID-19 – Section 1: Economic Crisis, Recession & Recovery Scenarios (Part 1)

    This report was initially produced in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we analysed the effect of lockdowns on the haulage sector and the consequent social and economic crisis. We look at how this is likely to evolve over time and we develop a number of possible recovery scenarios.

    b) The Impact of COVID-19 – Section 2: The Effects of Recession on the UK Haulage Sector

    We look at lessons from the 2008 Great Recession. We interpret how this affected the UK haulage industry and in particular employment numbers within the Transport and Storage Sector then, more granularly, the UK LGV driver workforce.

    c) The Impact of COVID-19 – Section 3: What is the Future for the UK Haulage Sector after COVID-19?

    In this report we combine the key conclusions from the previous two sections to predict how the UK Haulage Sector and the LGV driver market will be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, the subsequent recession and recovery.

  • Jan 2020
    Investigating the UK's LGV Driver Shortage (Driver Shortage White Paper)

    Our first publication on the HGV Driver Shortage crisis. We discuss the impending “perfect storm” of conditions that will likely bring the shortage of LGV drivers in the UK to crisis level unless rates of pay and working conditions are rapidly improved.


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