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We put our drivers first, and part of that is helping ensure you have everything you need to stay compliant when you're out on the road. 

We've put together these resources to make your life a bit easier and make sure you've got a full handle on current industry regulations. If you need a hand understanding anything here, or have any questions, just give us a call or drop in to your local branch and our team will be happy to walk you through it.

Agency Workers Regulations

We're committed to protecting your rights

As one of our drivers, part of our responsibility to you is to ensure the companies we assign you to offer you equal treatment as a temporary worker — in terms of basic employment and working conditions — when compared to permanent staff, as outlined in the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) effective in the UK from 1st October, 2011.

We follow thorough processes to ensure the workplaces we find for you are compliant with all regulations and we're committed to finding you jobs that offer a supportive and positive working environment. 

We encourage you to understand your rights as a temporary worker by reading the overview available below. Remember that our team are always happy to discuss services available related to specific assignments, as well as help clarify any uncertainties or questions you have, any time.

Download this handy overview of the AWR


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  • Is there anyone I can contact out of hours if I am unable to work my shift or have a problem?

    All the local office numbers, which can be found on the contact us page, are diverted through to our 24-hour on -call service outside of office hours. In any event you must ALWAYS get confirmation that we have received your message. Just leaving a voice message or sending a Text is not sufficient since we may not pick these up until it is too late.

  • Where do I send my timesheet?

    All timesheets must be sent to by 9am every Monday morning

  • What vehicles can I drive on a cat B (car) licence?

    Drivers with a standard cat B (car) licence are entitled to drive cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes. However we would be unable to offer you any work unless you have relevant commercial delivery experience.

  • What vehicles can I drive on a cat C1 (7.5T) licence?

    Drivers who passed their driving test before 1st January 1997 may have an automatic entitlement to drive a 7.5t vehicle. However ‘The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)’ was introduced in 2009 and drivers with this entitlement are not allowed to drive commercially unless they have a valid CPC and digital tachograph card.

  • What are the laws on working time regulations?
  • What are the driving regulations and tachograph laws?
  • How am I paid?

    As an agency driver you will be paid as a normal PAYE employee, which will be done through a payroll umbrella scheme (Shield Contract Services). When you register with us you have an option to sign up to Shield or you have the choice to go with another payroll company of your choosing. Limited Company drivers will be expected to submit an invoice weekly with their timesheet so we can pay you.

  • What documents do I need to bring with me to my registration?

    UK or EU passport or birth certificate, national identity card, residence permit, visa or proof of right to reside and work in the UK

    National insurance number on a HM Revenue and Customs official document (a payslip will not be accepted)

    Proof of address e.g.. utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement (not a mobile telephone bill)

    Driving licence card

    Digital Tachograph card and CPC card (for LGV drivers only)

  • Do you work with Limited Companies?

    Yes. All limited companies must provide us with a copy of their Limited Company Registration Certificate, VAT certificate (if applicable), business or personal bank account details, details of their accountant on official headed paper and a PAYE reference number.

  • What equipment do I need to drive for an agency?

    All drivers are expected to turn up for their shifts with safety boots, hi-visibility waistcoat or jacket and all driver cards. We provide all drivers with a Driver Require hi-visibility vest when they come into register.

  • Do I need transport to get to work?

    Yes. Some of the companies we work with are in remote locations or the start times may fall outside the times of public transport.

  • I only passed my LGV test last week; can I still work with an agency?

    If you are a newly qualified Class 1 or Class 2 driver we have several contracts that are happy to take you on to gain experience. You will most likely have to pass an in house assessment which we guide you through. For any drivers who feel they need further assistance we have a dedicated driver training team who will go out with you the first time and are available for advice.

  • Do I have to be available all week for work?

    You have complete control over the days you choose to work with us. However, if for example, you choose to do 3 days’ work with us and 4 days’ work elsewhere we will need to be informed so that we can ensure you are adhering to tachograph law and working time regulations.

  • Do all companies require you to do assessments before you can drive for them?

    No. Each company has their own specific requirements or criteria to allow you to drive for them.

  • Is there any work for me tomorrow?

    Keep us updated with your availability and we will actively find you suitable work.

  • Can I still work with you if I have points on my licence?

    Common points like those for speeding or traffic light offences (SP## or TS##) are acceptable. Most companies will accept drivers with up to 6 points on their licence. Anything above this or serious offences like drink driving or careless driving (DR10 or CD10) will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The companies we work with are often restricted by their insurance policies.


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