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Driver Require awarded Logistics UK Agency Excellence Accreditation

Demonstrating our commitment to excellence and our guarantee of the level of service we provide

  • Driver Require awarded Logistics UK Agency Excellence Accreditation

It is a phenomenon of most businesses, to think we are the best, ahead of the pack, doing everything correctly and therefore deserving of our clients’ patronage. But from time to time, we have to take a step back and realise we must earn and prove our worth.

So, it is delightful, comforting and even a little exciting, when someone praises your efforts, gives positive feedback that validates all the hard work and years of constantly striving for improvement. It is even better when one of the key organisations in our sector gives this feedback, this validation.

Driver Require is now on a very exclusive list, we are one of only 16 companies throughout our sector on the Logistics UK, Driver Agency Excellence Scheme.

This accreditation isn’t easy to acquire, many, if not all, of the ‘bigger’ agencies baulk at the audits and the level of compliance needed to pass the entry requirements. And many of the smaller agencies cannot cope with the administration and rigour needed to constantly maintain the standards.

It is not to be taken lightly, the responsibility to ‘not let the side down’. It is a commitment we make to our clients, to Logistics UK, to our drivers and to ourselves.  

  • To our clients, this is our promise, our commitment to excellence, our guarantee of the level of service we provide. We have stated that our service is as good, if not better than the rest.
  • To Logistics UK, we promise to not discredit them, we are partnering them in a commitment to improve the overall standards in our industry.
  • To our drivers, we promise to give them our best efforts, an honest and open dialogue, and a determination to work on their behalf with their best interests always in mind.
  • And to ourselves, we promise to strive to constantly improve our processes, to never be complacent in our attitude to our work and to always be humble in accepting that we aren’t perfect.   

Now we have this accreditation, we are determined to not stop here, we are already looking to build on this. We are at Base Camp on our way to the peak...

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Thursday 10th September 2020


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