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Driver Require talks to BBC Radio 4 about the HGV Driver Shortage Crisis

Kieran Smith answers questions about how to resolve the crisis

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  • Driver Require talks to BBC Radio 4 about the HGV Driver Shortage Crisis

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Today, our CEO Kieran Smith spoke to the BBC about the current petrol supply situation and the wider issue about how the government and the sector can address the HGV driver shortage.

Excerpts from the radio broadcast BBC World at One with Johnny Dymond discussing the HGV driver shortage.

Is there a quick fix for the current driver shortage crisis?        

I would argue there is not, there are a few different angles that can be explored to tackle the issue. Increasing testing capacity would be one, but it will take time to implement due to complexities concerning the process. Opening the borders, which the government are resisting or one that has not been mentioned – is the attraction back of numerous drivers that have left the industry. 

The pressing matter at present appears to be fuel drivers. Is this even more complicated due to the licensing required to be able to drive around the country?

Yes, you need an ADR qualification. Essentially, it is a hazardous goods tickets which involves several 100 pounds and a week’s training. What's interesting today, we're seeing fuel as the shortage but then we were talking about Haribo sweets, and we were talking about fresh produce from Lincolnshire and so on. The idea is, we're getting spasmodic issues arising, they get resolved and the issue seems to shift into another part of the supply chain or market area. I predict that this is going to become a reoccurring theme. I don't think it's going to be a systemic crisis, which I think is echoed by Tesco’s and grant shops and so on who said that we shouldn't see a fundamental issue, but it will be painful through till Christmas, at least.

Why is it rolling like this between sectors, are we essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul in relation to drivers?

Essentially, raising the rates mainly in the agency sector, and that's transferring into the permanent workforce slowly as they managed to renegotiate their terms with their clients. We're talking about one sector increasing its pay rates meaning an agency will naturally coalescing the move across to their leaving another one bereft, who will then raise their rates to attract agency drivers and some permanent drivers.

If you would like to listen to the full interview, please email us at

Friday 24th September 2021

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