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Fighting for improvements in Driver Facilities

This National Hygiene Week (3rd - 9th Oct) we wanted to highlight the poor hygiene facilities drivers face on a daily basis.

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Written by

Katy Tyler

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Clean toilets and food and drink facilities is something you expect to have access to within every job, so why is it any different for drivers? Unfortunately a dirty toilet, a urinal out of action, an ancient hand dryer and soap dispenser out of soap are sights all too familiar for drivers.

This week is National Hygiene Week and we feel it’s an important opportunity to highlight the lack of, and poor facilities drivers within the haulage sector have to face every day.

Here at Driver Require, we aim to become the ‘champion’ of the HGV driver community, promoting drivers’ best interests. As part of this our CEO, Kieran Smith, is campaigning for better, and more available truck stops and roadside facilities.

Additionally, make sure you keep your eye on our TikTok, where our Senior Resourcer Jenny is reviewing local services. It’s important to note for obvious reasons Jenny isn’t allowed in the men’s toilets, so these cannot be reviewed in the videos. However, Jenny highlights services offering additional hygiene facilities such as showers. If you hear Jenny say ‘if you’re out and about, check it out’ it’s a winner and well worth a visit.

We hope to share updates with you soon on the progress of improving hygiene facilities for drivers and hope that National Hygiene Week next year is a more positive outlook on the facilities for you, our drivers.

Monday 3rd October 2022

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