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5 Secrets to Getting HGV Class 2 Job with No Experience

The demand for qualified HGV drivers growing steadily, now is the right time to start career as an HGV driver in the UK. How to get HGV class 2 jobs with no experience?

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How to get an HGV class 2 jobs with no experience

The UK has one of the best road networks in the world. Thanks to this excellent infrastructure, the UK’s domestic road freight activity has witnessed steady growth in the past few years. According to the latest available data, there were 280,00 HGV drivers employed across all sectors in 2020. The average regional gross hourly pay for an HGV driver ranged from £11.25 to £12.21 in 2020.  It is worth noting that in 2021, with the impending HGV driver shortage crisis, pay rates are climbing rapidly and it is now possible to achieve rates of up to £14/hour.

With the demand for qualified HGV drivers growing steadily, now is the right time to begin your career if you want to be an HGV driver in the UK. It’s a dynamic industry with plenty of growth opportunities and an exciting way of life. However, most new truck drivers often face challenges when finding suitable HGV driving jobs without any experience.

Although getting your foot in the door can seem daunting at times, there are a few ways to get HGV class 2 jobs with no experience. After all, even experienced HGV drivers had to start somewhere. Here’s what you can do to get HGV class 2 jobs with no experience.

1. Make A Good Impression During The Interview

When looking for HGV driving jobs, one of the first challenges you will need to overcome is cracking the interview. Whether you apply to an HGV recruitment agency or a road freight company directly, you will most likely face at least one round of interview. This is a critical step because your would-be employer will expect you to display excellent communication skills.

How you communicate and present yourself during the interview will pave the way for the future. So, if you need to brush up on your communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills, start doing it today. Be polite, calm, and smile during the interview. Avoid speaking out of turn.

Most companies will ask you a range of questions, which basically help them gauge your understanding of industry best practices, highway code and traffic regulations, road safety, and other HGV driving jobs related issues like work hours and pay scale.

As you have little or no work experience, most companies will ask you why you want to be an HGV driver. They may also ask you to talk about yourself and why you want to join their organisation. Make sure to practice what and how you will answer these questions. You have to make the best impression during the interview to make up for your lack of experience.

2. Try Enrolling in Driver Development Programmes

Many companies offer training programmes for new drivers. These induction programmes are a great way to develop your HGV driving skills as you learn to drive in a real work environment. While you may not get paid as most training programmes are for interns and trainees, you will get on-going support and instructions that’ll help build your career.

The training programme allows you to get a better understanding of the company culture. It will help you to decide if or not you want to continue working with them after training. You will also meet fellow drivers and industry veterans who can help you find new opportunities for HGV class 2 jobs with no experience. You can tap into this network to understand the issues affecting this sector, how freight companies operate in reality, and the best practices.

Furthermore, you can also know which HGV recruitment agency or freight company to go to for better job opportunities. Thus, joining a driver training programme will not only help you find better HGV driving jobs, but also set up your career for long-term success in this sector.

3. Be Prepared To Start Immediately

In most cases, new HGV driving jobs are for drivers who can join immediately. Most trainees and interns don’t have to serve a notice period. So, many freight companies expect them to get on board instantly. You will need to be prepared to start working as quickly as possible.

You will need to get the appropriate driving license and required license upgrades depending on the HGV driving jobs you are searching for. Make sure to keep all the paperwork in order, including your driving license, IDs, training certificates, and referrals.

Prepare yourself to relocate, if needed, because the best HGV class 2 jobs with no experience may not necessarily be available in your area. The point is to secure your first job as an HGV driver as soon as you can.

4. Brush Up Your Communication Skills

You will need excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These skills can help not just during the interview, but throughout your career. As an HGV driver, you will be the public face of the freight company. You will be interacting with clients, managers, vendors, and road and traffic authorities constantly.

In this job, things often do not work out as planned. For example, you could be facing bad weather, traffic jams, mechanical failure, and even minor accidents sometimes. It can lead to a delay in delivery or issues at the vendors’ or customers’ end. As a driver, you will have to keep in touch with all the concerned parties. That’s where excellent communication and interpersonal skills will prove extremely valuable.

You will also need good written communication skills as you will have to fill out paperwork, accident or incident reports, and daily work reports. While you may not need impeccable written communication skills, your writing needs to be spot on and readable. Start practising these skills right away to make it easier to find HGV class 2 jobs with no experience.

5. Work with The Right HGV Recruitment Agency

While you can hand out your CV to companies or people you know directly, this direct approach to find class 2 driver jobs with no experience is often limited to your locality. If you want to expand your search area and put your search on the fast track, registering with a professional HGV recruitment agency will help.

The agency will add your CV to their listings. When they find a suitable opening, the HGV recruitment agency will contact you immediately. Working with an agency also provides you with additional support and the guidance required to find a proper job. However, you must find a reputed agency that focuses specifically on HGV driver recruitment for candidates with no experience.


The road freight industry in the UK is currently in need of trained and certified HGV drivers. Although there are plenty of opportunities, finding HGV class 2 jobs with no experience can be a little challenging. With these five tips, however, you can speed up your job search. For any further queries or help, feel free to talk to the industry experts at Driver Require. We are a specialist driver recruitment agency in the UK, offering training and resources to our drivers. You can free text DRIVER to 80800 or call on 01438 722800 or reach out to us via our website for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash / Nicolas Lindsay

Friday 11th June 2021

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