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Get your bills down by turning your electric blanket up

The rising energy costs are a concern for many, read on for some tips to reduce your bills this winter.

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Written by

Katy Tyler

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The cost of living crisis is impacting everyone and with winter here, the rising energy costs are a concern for many. Adding extra layers can only go so far…. were you aware that small changes such as buying and using an electric blanket can have a huge effect on your energy bills?

Octopus Energy highlighted that electric blankets currently costs as little as 3p an hour to keep a person warm, whilst heating a whole home costs around £4.70 a day*, that’s a huge saving!

How does using an electric blanket help to cut costs? 

  1. An electric blanket tends to cost around £40 and could save you up to £300 per year in your bills
  2. When heating the whole house, drafts and open doors mean heat can escape, you’ll also be heating rooms that are empty. The heat from an electric blanket is much more targeted, transferring warmth directly on to your body
  3. The heat is instant! You don’t have to sit there shivering waiting for the heating to kick in, these blankets heat up in a matter of minutes, if not seconds
  4. Most electric blankets have a timer and temperature control functionality – offering you more control to get the temperature right, quickly. Additionally, if you’re using the blanket in bed, you can set the timer for how long you want the blanket to run for, meaning if you fall asleep with the blanket on, it will automatically shut down and won’t result in any excess energy being used

Tips to get the most of your electric blanket:

  1. Use this as a throw over your body to keep you warm, rather than as a mattress topper
  2. Heat the blanket up at the highest setting for a few minutes and then reduce the setting down to a medium setting for longer use
  3. Do not fold the blanket as this may impair the heating functionality
  4. Position the connector of the blanket at your feet and keep it unobstructed to avoid overheating

So, what do you need to work an electric blanket? It’s as simple as a power supply. Anywhere you have a plug in the house, you can have your electric blanket. Extension leads can help – meaning you could heat yourself in whichever room and whichever space you wish (for obvious reasons we don’t recommend using your electric blanket in the bathroom…).

Although an electric blanket may not heat the whole room, they are a great alternative to staying warm this winter and avoiding higher energy bills.

Would you like to hear more tips for reducing your bills this winter? Download our ‘winter survival checklist’ here.

Source: Octopus Energy:

Tuesday 15th November 2022

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