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Getting to the bottom of the driver shortage

Podcast with CEO Kieran Smith talking to Matt Eisenegger for CV Focus

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Written by

Claire Smith

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If you only select one podcast episode this year, then this is the one you must to listen to.

In a powerful analysis, Kieran Smith, CEO of Driver Require, explains why the current HGV driver shortage has happened, why no-one saw it coming and what should be done to solve it.

He describes the current situation like “trying to grab onto a train passing through the platform – it’s just ripped our arms off.”

Kieran heads an influential think-tank comprising key people from the e-commerce, grocery, pallet, training, fleet, trade body and statistical analysis sectors, that has produced a comprehensive, thoughtful, detailed report setting out everything you ever needed to know about HGV drivers..

Host Matt Eisenegger asks Kieran: “Have we been carried away on the news hype?”

In the most comprehensive, accurate, compelling and fully-validated study of the UK HGV driver market ever produced, the think-tank uses original research and hard facts.

It also debunks the distorted views and numbers bandied around over the past weeks and months – such as the impact of Brexit and EU drivers – to uncover the real truth.

The results are truly surprising. Kieran then sets out the root of the current problem and why no-one saw it coming.

And, the think-tank sets out the short, medium and long-term measures that the industry and government need to take to address the situation - which also draws on best-practice from the EU.

Listen ▶ CV Focus Podcast #19 with Kieran Smith

Tuesday 12th October 2021

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