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The Value-Add Service of Driver Require

Introducing you to our Iceberg Principle

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Written by

Katy Tyler

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At Driver Require, we partner with you to fully understand your business and your requirements. We carefully vet our drivers, allowing us to match them to jobs that they are competent to undertake. We ensure that we support our drivers out on the road to avoid and resolve challenges before they become an issue to you. This means we avoid many of the issues and costs that can arise from putting an unsuitable driver into a job that they are not capable of properly delivering.

Our Iceberg Principle gives you an all-encompassing view of what’s included within the agency premium you pay. We add value by reducing the likelihood of:

• Delivery errors, resulting in longer hours or redelivery
• Damage to end customer relationships
• Low fuel efficiency and increased vehicle wear and tear
• Infringements, DVSA fines and the impact on our client’s OCR score
• Actual damage and insurance claims, costs and increases in premium
• Management cost and time spent dealing with the consequences

Here at Driver Require we don’t simply provide drivers, we strive to add value to your operations. We are an award-winning agency built on expertise, delivered with integrity; we’re trusted by our drivers and clients to go beyond the extra mile and we consistently deliver an excellent level of service.

Thinking about using agency drivers? Drop us a message or give us a call, we would love to have a chat with you.

Thursday 16th May 2024

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