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UK truck driver shortage signals a broken labour market

Kieran Smith, CEO quoted in Financial Times article

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  • UK truck driver shortage signals a broken labour market

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Claire Smith

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Driver Require’s CEO, Kieran Smith, was interviewed by The Financial Times and featured in an article "UK truck driver shortage signals a broken labour market"

The article discusses the current shortage of HGV drivers that had led to empty shelves in British supermarkets and how Brexit, IR35, the pandemic and the working hours have impacted on a workforce that is usually invisible.

Kieran was quoted in the Financial Times Smith says "employers have pushed labour costs down to compete for powerful customers such as supermarkets. Customers have enormous purchasing leverage [and] they have nailed down the haulage companies to the tiniest margins.” He says lots of drivers leave in their 30s because the hours make it almost impossible to participate in bringing up children, yet the wage isn’t high enough to support the other partner staying at home."

Read the full article in the FT by Sarah O'Connor

To read the latest report on the driver shortage from Driver Require

Wednesday 25th August 2021

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