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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

20 Ways to look after your mental wellbeing

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Mental Health Awareness Week is a annual event recognised across the UK which focuses on working on ways to achieve good mental health. This year's theme is loneliness, this is affecting more and more people, even more so since the pandemic. It is so important to raise awareness about the impact of loneliness on our mental wellbeing and exploring ways we can all work towards bettering our mental wellbeing.

Below are 20 things that we can all do and implement in our daily lives to help our own mental wellbeing.

1. Learn new skills - taking up a new hobby can be fun and exciting

2. Be physically active - attending the gym, going for a walk or finding a new sporting hobby

3. Get out into nature 

4. Practise mindfulness (being present in the moment)  

5. Prioritise sleep 

6. Eating a balanced diet to support your body

7. Set yourself goals

8. Connect with others, face-to-face or virtually

9. Make time for yourself - do things you enjoy

10. Reach out when you are lonely 

11. Challenge negative thoughts

12. Meditate - it is great for your mind

13. Read a new book or revisit an old favourite 

14. Learn new breathing techniques

15. Do a digital detox - go screen free for the evening or even a few hours  

16. Listen to your favourite music 

17. Stay hydrated, drink enough water 

18. Take a break - listen to your body

19. Talk about your feelings - a problem shared is a problem halved

20. Lastly, but most importantly - be kind to yourself!

Resources for support:

Headspace - An app for mindfulness, meditation and sleep

Ways to look after your mental wellbeing

Truck & Driver - 'Why is it good to talk about mental health'

Mind - How to seek help regarding mental health problems, Mind has lots of resources and support options

Wednesday 11th May 2022

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